What would Beyonce do?

Oh the nerve of Rosa to create a blog 🙂

 For a long time I thought I wanted to be a photographer for the purpose of showing other women another side to them they didn’t know they had, I wanted to create a feeling inside of them that made them feel alive and ready to take over the world, listen I have a good eye but I’m better at taking selfies (don’t worry I’ll share some with you). Still I had this vision of taking photos, possibly doing a documentary following some of these women and seeing how it changed their life. In the long run I knew that simply snapping a photo would not be fulfilling to me. My goal is to inspire women to be themselves in a world where we have nothing but followers. I mean you go on social media  and just because one friend post a picture of a new purse or shoes, the next week another friend goes out and purchases it and later post the same thing because she thinks that’s the cool thing to do. It’s unreal how we go on social media and do the marketing for the brand all for free. I’m all for trends but in my own way.

So yeah I’m probably blabbing on now… (I usually do)

Anyways over and out! (oh yeah this blog post has nothing to do with Beyonce)

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  1. deansacked says:

    Welcome to blogging, oh audacious one. I look forward to seeing this develop!

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