She was I and I was her.




She had that intense way about her

Her heart she wore on her sleeve

Her eyes they told stories

She loved the gift of being a mother

Her body did amazing things

Her scars she wore them beautifully

She always surprised herself

Her strength, she dressed in daily

Her smile, you wish you provoked them

She wasn’t ordinary

Her heart was a safe place

Her soul it sang to her

She thought she had a friend

Her precious time she wasted

Her confidence she learned brought out someone else insecurities

She learned to let go

Her life yearned fulfillment

Her mind it asked for peace

She painted pretty pictures

Her head they couldn’t see why they weren’t possible

Her brain for this reason kept her up at night

She was a diamond in the rough

Her light somehow attracted moths

Her inner fire she learned to use

She was a beast at best

Her dance makes it hard to keep up

Her quest made it hard to find her.

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