It’s not me, it’s you.


Smiles for days

New perspectives

The touch she always needed

A breath of fresh air

It came easy, it left just as

Something changed

Was it something she said?

What it something she did?

Because she swore you felt the same thing as her

Turns out she only fed your ego

Did you forget it was her who cared when no one else would?

Sooner or later the tears dry

Somewhere in between hi and good bye she saw you just as

And that person was nothing like the one she once knew

Remember when she asked you never to take her for granted?

No longer clouded by feelings, she heals

Internal struggles they push and pull you

Trying to find your place in this world, has left you lost

Through arrogance you see nothing

She’s not someone you get out of your system

Her heart is heavy and she’s made her mark

You’ll look back, but she’ll be long gone

She decided, you were better off as someone else’s problem

You can play yourself but not her

You see what’s good for you is certainly better for her.

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  1. Love this! You can feel that it’s writen by a strong woman.


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