Nothing that is for me will miss me.


 “we fight to hold on, we fight to let go”

Life can be as simple or as difficult as we chose to make it, but somehow we always manage to take the path with the most obstacles. If you’re anything like me you somehow manage to make the same mistake more than once. I’ve always been hard-headed that way.

We make the mistake of thinking we can grow on a person. That one day they’ll wake up and see it’s you who was always there. In the meantime we compromise our integrity and limit ourselves to conditional love. Our days are filled with loneliness, followed by an unfulfilled heart and an emptiness. Yet and still they are the center of our attention. We pour all we have into them, all the while putting up with the pain, the hurt and disappointments.

If you’re lucky enough, One day you’ll wake up and without even realizing it, you’ll start to feel uncomfortable with things that you once made okay and you’ll challenge the crap out of life.

Letting go is never easy, we sit around contemplating and analyzing what just doesn’t seem right. It becomes difficult to wrap our heads around what we once thought we knew.  Never realizing what we’re more in love with is the picture in our heads of what it could be or what it once stood for.  Old habits die-hard, very hard…

Let’s think for a second of what we shouldn’t be afraid to lose…

Anything that brings no fulfillment into our lives

I’ve learned the hard way and am still learning to stay away from situations they make me walk away with crappy feelings rather than joy and inner peace

Anyone who isn’t fazed by hurting you

This person hurts you over and over and acts as if nothing ever happened never displaying empathy

People who make little to no effort being in your life

If they wanted to they would have text, called, showed up etc

The selfish person

This person will rely on you when there down but don’t expect them to be your shoulder, nope

The person who only remembers you when they need something

Whether its money or sex this person will only ever call when they need something, they honestly could care less about you

The buzz killer

This person will always find a way to make you feel like shit, especially when they see you happy

People who only remember the negative things you’ve done

You could move mountains for these people but I promise they will only ever remember that one negative thing you did

The talker

My favorite this person will “do you a favor” at your time of need only to come up with excuse after excuse

People who take you for granted

You will go out of your way for these people by making them feel special, empowering them and making things that were out of their reach possible guess what it will mean nothing to them

The moment you’re going back and forward with yourself deciding if someone is worth the hurt, tears, rejection and misery  is the moment you should remember what you’re gambling away is your self-worth and integrity. The price you pay for conditional love is unhappiness.

I’ve been on my inner peace journey for some time now leaving along the way a trail of bitterness, confusion, sadness and so-called loved ones. Self-love my dears goes a long way, no one and I mean no one can hurt you unless you let them.

 What we give to another we could never get back. Protect and respect your space.

over and out.

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