I’m standing in front of you numb,

And you’re staring back at me dumb as ever.

The debris I left behind when I collapsed, left pieces of me scattered.

Did it hurt when you fell on your face?

Does it suck that I’m no longer fazed by you?

We went from this beautiful high, to spitting lies.

I can’t promise it’ll get better, you see I found these old letters and it was a reminder of the chaos I would leave behind.

The fear of losing caused me to tell, only what I thought you wanted to hear.

I owe you and the one before you a big thank you, this was way overdue.

My actions don’t seem to bring me satisfaction.

Have I turned into a heartless soul? Is this the toll you took on me?

Sorry if I sound so angry I just disagree with your poor knowledge of how to love.

You’re the epitome of stupidity.

The sooner you’re gone, my new dawn will begin.

A queen in my own way, a beam of excitement you could never see.

I’m walking away now, you can keep the cliches of a dark past.


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