Let life happen


I wonder  how much you can love the right person

I’ve put the gloves down once and for all

I know you’re out there and it makes my heart smile

its been miles and miles

I let it sink in as I let go of the past

flew from the blast but I survived

you’re working on you and that’s okay

from here on out I think ill remain low-key

I’m out here in the world just like you pushing forward

anticipating that mere moment

like me you’ve had it pretty rough

but those stories will lead to us

I wont even search for you

instead I’ll go to church and learn a thing or two

sooner or later our paths will cross

giving me withdraws when you go away

my heart used to settle but the realization that love of my life is still out there

takes away any need to rush and the desire to live in the light

makes me want to be a better person

taunting past made it difficult at one point

the days of finding myself are long gone

blindness led the way

the days of building a better me are all ahead

many phases I had to run through

in me is where I will always find love, peace and happiness

but in your arms I’ll finally be welcomed home.


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