Two feet on the ground.



Looking back I can see, I was far to blind to try and understand right from wrong.

To naive to tell the difference between self destruction and being a strong woman.

I let words cloud my head and push me further away from myself.

Trying to play it cool, but really playing myself over and over.

What I really needed was a real friend.

Someone to cry on.

Someone positive.

Someone to guide my poor broken soul.

Someone to want better for me.

Someone to help me see what I refused to see in myself.

It took years and a lot of tears.

Walking through it all alone was very difficult. However I’m glad I did.

I stand alone and couldn’t be more proud of that.

Feeding my soul is priority over ego.

A day at a time.

A step at a time.

At my time…

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  1. Yashira says:

    I don’t know but for some reason I feel like you know exactly how I feel. I can tell by yourself words and I can soo relate. Im loving your blog there’s honesty and true feelings and emotions all over it! God bless you and yours Rosie xoxo


    1. Thank you love. It’s pure honesty, wishful thinking and really just pouring my feelings out. I guess we’d all be surprised to learn we go through similar things or at least experience similar feelings. 😘😊


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