Am I there yet?

I fed those feeling’s and it felt so good

I caved into that sweet, sweet craving

These numbers will haunt me later

and I know it’ll make me feel sick to my stomach, but right now is all that matters

you see that’s what happens when that lonely sadness kicks in

overpowering feelings…

suddenly I’m wondering what went wrong, if it was even that serious. if it was merely all just me

pretty pictures I remember, hopes and dreams down the drain

miss that warmth, some days I even miss those arms

it’s okay I guess to miss what you no longer want/need in your life

still I wonder what I would have done differently…

and this void what do I fill it with now?

some things are easier said then done.

I’m no robot, but right now I wish I was

Only human, I feel oh so deeply

feelings they mess with my head

thoughts I can only share with this screen in front of me

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