The struggle.

I’ve learned that “I love you’s” can leave as quickly as they come.

That people will miss you but pride won’t allow them to pick up the phone.

I’ve learned that dispointments get old and so does searching for the answer.

That my heart isn’t made out of ice, I refuse to be as cold as the world wants me to be.

I’ve learned that people will demand respect but will treat you inhuman.

That’s it’s easy to become the punch line in a world just waiting to laugh at you.

I’ve learned that no one will fight for you, like you will. That the battle is far from over. 

That everyday brings on new challenges, but more than anything the opportunity to take chances on a better tomorrow. 

I’ve learned that I do not trust people and their intent toward me. That it’s easy for them to use and abuse your kindness.

That in the storm no one will keep you company. 

I’ve learned that there’s  no difference between so called friends, family, and strangers, that at the end of the day it’s every man for himself. 

That the only love we should never take for granted is a child’s innocent love. If we can’t be loyal to our children, we can’t be loyal to anyone.

I’ve learned that with high standards comes loneliness but that it’s okay.

That in a world full of flakes, I could never dumb myself down.


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