Good night.


Night time has fallen

It’s  me and you

In my head

In my thoughts 

It’s the why’s

The but how?

That will haunt me in my dreams

The what could’ve been

The what would’ve been

And the what is…

The end is long gone

Everyday a chance for new beginnings 

If only your memory could die

If only the thought of you could runaway from me

Could escape into freedom 

If you were no longer held captive within me

I’d breathe easier 

There’d be a better chance for me

That look in my eyes would no longer reside 

My nights would no longer be sleepless

Because the weight of this heavy heart is unbearable 

Not even my cries could make him stay

My heart tells me he’s alive and well

This night reminds me of how he’s gone away…


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