Raised by a mother who rarely shared hugs and kisses

consumed by herself she left her kids to fence for themselves.

Haunted by her mistakes he learned to become cold and distant

and just as selfish as she

Pushing away everyone he truly loved

because he didn’t know how to accept love

Never realizing It was him he was truly hurting

he remained heartless and unaware

He only knew how to love by providing

but material things don’t equal love

His pride he stuck by

as he lost all control

He didn’t know what it was like to nurture the mind body and soul

himself he lost more and more

At night he laid alone wondering how it all went wrong

pointing fingers is all he knew

For his future sons and daughters I pray,  he can realize he’s the first example of how a man loves a woman.

I hope he leads by example and doesn’t continue the cycle of mommy and daddy issues.

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