Voices within

I haven’t been to kind to myself I keep driving through dead ends

Setting myself up for failure

Surrounding myself with negative

And I can’t breathe 

I’m slowly losing control 

Losing myself 

And I just need a break

A little time for me

Not to lay out in the sun 

But to clear my mind

See the light

I’m the type to dance through the rain

Never been one to drown in my sorrows 

Me is all I have 

So tonight I’ll let the rain wash away these negative vibes 

And I’ll wake up brand new

With high hopes 

Never settling for an average life

Cause me, myself and I can rule a nation, hold the weight of the world on our shoulders and conquer fears 

I am not dead

I’m alive

I’m alive 

I will survive 

I will live

I Will smile 


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