Waiting for the end

But it’s not even the beginning yet

Invisible wall

I’m hoping you’d take the climb

I’m dreaming of this place

I’m afraid 

I’m kinda hoping this is a one on one game

That you know

That the ball is on your side of the court

I’m discouraged you should know

Sometimes I think if I pretend not to care

That I just might not care

But I do

And I’m hoping a part of you does too 

Can’t say I’ll hold my breath 

But I might, just a little cause

It’s magnetic 

A mutual understanding between my body and yours

It’s a long road up ahead

But I…

I see more

I hear your vision 

I believe in it

I don’t want to rush things

I’d just like a real chance

Who am I kidding? 

Reality is…

I’ll just be waiting for you to drop the ball…


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