Dear soul, 

I’ve felt you before

You’ve  talk to me in ways I could never understand 

I’ve seen you before

You stared right back at me

Filled me with emotions

I couldn’t recognize you

You kept screaming at me

I kept ignoring you 

I was to busy looking for me

On the path to self-destruction 

Clouded mind…

Hands over eyes…

But that destination was never intended for us…

We coexist.

Had I never heard your cries 

I would’ve never saved myself 

Even then you were talking without words… 

I see you now.

I feel you now.

What I want and what you want are different

We’ve been here before

Only this time around

You know more

It was never that I had to get to know me

It was always that I had to find you and learn from you

Now that I found you

We shall only exist


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