Four walls.



A way to pass time.

A way to waste time.


Ironic even.

We discuss your history.

We discuss my wants.

I wont say no.

And in turn, I’ve trapped myself.

This is nice.

We share a laugh, a drink or two.

This is cool.

Could I  possibly ask for a teeny tiny more?

Would you mind if I put on my favorite dress and pumps?

Wait for you to pick me up, open up the car door for me?

There’s more to you.

There’s more to me.

I am not asking for the world to fall on my lap.

I am asking for the simple things in life.

A real chance.

Not at love.

Not at lust.

But to get to know another human-being.

To get to know, more than your body.

Because although it can take me places…

I’d like to see what you’re like beyond these four walls.


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