Destination unknown.


Shes chasing this feeling

Not sure where its leading her


Driving on the road to emptiness

She hears a little whisper

I am at your feet.
If you could look up ahead, just for a moment. You will see what I see.
You’re afraid to live.
But never afraid to suffer.
You’re quick to love another.
But quicker to let yourself down.
There is more.
That I promise.
Open your eyes.
Open your heart.
Take a chance on you.

It reassures her that if she just goes a little further, shell be home soon.

But all She sees is loneliness up ahead, and loneliness left behind

She cant escape the feeling

Its slowly killing her inside

Comfort sounds good right about now

But she is one of the brave ones

She runs from it…

Nothing ever grows there.

The irony

She runs from comfort straight into the arms of dead ends.

She has to see for herself.

Who knows?

She might just end up loving it there.




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  1. Nafees says:

    nice post. Are you single?


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