Faithful lies. 

I had asked 



Both times you looked me in the face

As you lied 

To say I didn’t know the right answer 

Would’ve been a bigger fib

But I turned a blind eye

Looked at myself in the mirror

And wondered 

Why wasn’t I enough?

Day faded into night

I didn’t hear a word from you

And I wondered

What is it someone else’s turn tonight?

The thought of you touching someone else, fucked with my head

Was I paranoid for nothing?

I mean, could you imagine picturing me touching him, like he was you.

Fucking him, like he was you. 

Neither could I.

I am everything and more you could ask for.

And when it’s good, it good.

Is it me, or is it always good? 

Pressures from the past, constantly creep up. 

But I always let it go, time after time…

Because the difference between them and I, is that I believe in you. 

And my heart wont let it go, till I see us through to the end. 

Still I have to know, is there someone else? 

Better yet, just tell me I’m crazy, and I’ll forget I even asked. 


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