Let me put you on.

He had asked me what kind of hip hop, did I like?…

I replied with my playlist, to what I loved to get down to.

He seemed a little too impressed and I wondered…

Was this man accustomed to dumbing himself down?

just so he can get with Miss fat booty?…

Back and forward we shared some stories, after a while he turned around and said “I like you, you’re pretty dope”

And all I could think of was, Why couldn’t you see that?

He said I was his type “Latina, nice hips, sexy, good heart, book smart, nice smile”

He’d like to take me out…

Get to know me…

that he couldn’t see how a woman “like me” was single…

And I had to let him know that my umi says, “when you get tired, you get tired”

He said he’d like to be the one, the one who showed me different

And all I could think about was, Why couldn’t he be you?

We ventured off into this great big city

The waters reminded me of my future goals

Skyscrapers took me back to that high

You were the only thing on my mind…

I hope he can understand that…

You have the right tactics, and if I need’em you got crazy prophylactics so far…

I know, you know, I like rap songs Bonita Applebum, let me put you on.





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