Sweetest sin.


I can’t help but smile, when I see your face

Something inside of me lights up, it’s hard to escape it

Ever so far, ever so near

I’m not sure how 

I’m not sure when

But I know this will align

I can’t help but only want you 

As you sit there, Sooo nonchalant 

Too damn cool for school 

Too damn cool for me

But I don’t buy that shit 

Not for one split second 

There’s no way you’d be blind enough

To take my kindness for granted 

And mistake it for weakness

I heard you like art, so I know there ain’t no way you’d be able to walk away from this piece. 

Believe me I get it, it’s how I feel when I look at you. 

You crazy fool, you light up my inner being.

Till these walls come crumbling down, I’ll be your biggest fan.

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