The other side. 


Talking to a friend today, I shared a story. I have only shared this story with a couple of people and today I realized many people could benefit from it.
Here it goes…true story guys lol 
Many years ago, I felt like everything was impossible, that no matter what I did I wasn’t worthy of even the simplest things. I dealt with the end of my marriage, heart ache, feeling lost and worst of all spent time in a hospital for depression. But I pushed forward and last year when the New Year hit I told myself it would be the year I took myself on vacation did something I thought was impossible, I spent most of my time on the beach taking it all in, never in my life did I feel so overwhelmingly joyful, I had moments where I would be driving and I would start sobbing because I could finally tell myself I made it to the other side of so much heart ache and I did something for me. On the last day as I was leaving the beach I saw a small rock picked it up and brought it home with me. 

Two weeks later I had a client who was about to go on vacation to a resort she was at a year before, but the year before she spent her time crying during her whole vacation her husband had MS, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, didnt know if she would survive and started chemo as soon as she got home from that vacation. Well here she was a year later cancer free, about to go on her vacation, to the same resort. I pulled out my rock and gave it to her, when she came back she gave me a little pouch with rocks and sea shells from the beach. I realized the rock and sea shells we exchanged were a symbol for the other side, it was the side we both thought we’d never see. 
When I’m going through a difficult time I stare at those sea shells, they remind me that it only gets better.

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  1. Lianna says:

    WOW!!!!! love this!! 🙂


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