Beauty sleep


I was never asleep

Consciously I was woke

But life had me muted

Searched for answers outside of me

You keep hitting the snooze button on me

Because all you crave,

is new panties, With the dead 

The ones who sleep walk

But I’m wide awake, and on a quest 

You’re a little in between worlds

I guess it all makes sense now 

I had a crush on your mind

But in your state, you were to blind 

You seem a little too deprived 

But I can see why

You haven’t been around me

To ignite the flame

The spark of creativity 

The new chicks probably a lame

Lacks to inspire 

She doesn’t know what you really about 

Have a seat

You should know 

My expressive energy 

And sensual vibes is where it’s really at 

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