Let’s backtrack for a second

I’ll close my eyes

Take me back

Way back when

Take me to that day

I’d change course

I’d undo, what’s done

Miss the steps, that led to you

I’m doing time

I’m wasting space

We were never meant to be

My friend denial

She lied to me

Waiting to be seen

My heart is clouded

I can’t look away

The struggles alive

The lust lingers

Bottled up love

The knife cuts deeper

I’m screaming for help

But you don’t hear me

I drown in these tears

I’m praying these waves

Take my lifeless body, to shore

I’m dead inside

Fighting for life on the outside

You’re dressed in black

You’re trying to save face

But for whose sake?

The damage my love is done

You have won

Tell my story

The story of glory

And how you missed my existence completely

One Comment Add yours

  1. Joshua says:

    Nice love everything my eyes touched, you words were beautiful, photo’s look great , nice to see you in you’re element
    Keep up the good work
    The audacity!


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