Dear love

My heart belongs to you

And truth be told I never had control

You gave my heart wings

Taught me how to fly, with every smile

I was indeed yours

But you were never mine

Dear love

You made me feel alive

I fell into lust

I saw this man

I saw his flaws

I fell in love with his soul

I felt it to my core

Dear love

My inner being craves you

Your aura beams

You challenge me

You make me love myself better

Dear love

I look up at the sky

I pray to god for you

May my love reach you

Where you stand

But most of all

May it teach you

Dear love

Don’t give me back

I’m yours

I begged the man

Don’t phase me out

Dear love

You were my muse

In my shattered state

I was confused and bruised

From head to toe

Dear love

We binged all day night

Weeks went by

Months went by

Years went by

When it was over

I didn’t know how to deal with myself

Could you look me in the face and tell me I never meant a thing?

Dear love

You left me to burn

But from these ashes I shall rise


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