Bite the bullet


The room is silent

But outside these windows

A storm is brewing

It felt like a million years went by

As I laid here contemplating

Another night I pray for you

You gave me nothing

Still you gave me everything

He hugged my body

He spoke wisdom unto me

He wondered about me

Wanted to get inside of me

My head was spinning

My flesh screamed no

He made me laugh

He let me talk

He seemed amused

Never once contradicted me

I was strong and mighty

Independent and dominant

Fucking vibrant

But he was never afraid

He gave me a friend

Gave me momentum

I think of you less

And it makes it easier to breathe

He made me smile

He kept it cool

A gentleman with every move

But he never got lucky

He just wasn’t enough

At the end of the night

We said goodbye

I curled up in bed

I talked to god

I closed my eyes

And contemplated once again

He made it easy

But I knew I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself

He wasn’t you…


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