The irony.


I fell asleep on a bed of lies

I tossed and turned

With tears in my eyes

Asking myself why

Hours that turned into days

Days that turned into months

Months that turned into years

The only thing that made me crazy

Was thinking I knew you

Forgive me for thinking

We shared a bond

How naive can I be?

Laughing and binging

Till dawn

I kissed your lips

And tasted deceit

I guess it’s true

Nothing is ever what it seems

You said I lacked experience

Like having my heart broken twice wasn’t enough

I thought you couldn’t see me

I slowly began to realize

I couldn’t see you

That would have meant accepting that you fell short

That you lacked depth and truth

I locked my feelings in this cage

They turned from anger into rage

Sought out peace

From this dark place

I love you

Not because you’re special

But because you forced me, to face myself

The difference between you and I is, I never needed saving.

In the morning the sun will shine down on me and hope will be laying next to me

As despair walks out your door once again


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