Remember me.

unnamed (2)

You never said a lie

You understood that the best dressed lie

Hurt more than the truth

You gave me patience

For you understood

Like me

You’ve been hurt

You gave me space

We took our time

For we knew

It would never run out

So charming

So clever

You made me laugh until it hurt

You sent me soaring-through the sky

You seduced my body

With every moan, I was higher

You fed my brain

And starved my ego

You took me dancing

For you understood, music gave me life

Never ever skipped a beat

I never ever doubted you

Orgasm to orgasm

You mind fucked me

And left me starving for more knowledge

My favorite parts of you were all made up

I planted seeds, now watch them grow

You watered this flower and I watch her bloom

I may not get the chance to say goodbye

I just hope you find something to remember me by…

Till next time…

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