I guess I’m supposed to unlearn you

Pretend we didn’t have long nights

Conversations while we sipped on coffee

Conversations while we got high on life

I guess I’m supposed to pretend you didn’t leave me stranded

Take me for granted

Push me aside, for someone new

I guess I’m supposed to pretend

That I don’t know you

Pretend you’re not predictable

Like I don’t know your favorite shows

The music you like to flow too

Or the way you get down

I guess we’ll just pretend like I didn’t sit there for hours listening to your stories

You never looked back to make sure I was okay

I’m missing your face and your hands

I guess you didn’t understand

I saw you as my best friend

I guess I couldn’t see how my best friend could hurt me like that

Thought if someone understood me, it was you

We were different on our own

Independent but still willing to learn

So much alike…

I look myself in the mirror and ask why me?

I guess I couldn’t see, how you could do this to me.

Thought if I hurt myself more, you’d see the beauty in that

I guess we’ll pretend like you don’t know my deepest secrets

Like you don’t know me better than anyone else

I guess we’ll pretend like you didn’t take off dress after dress

I guess our memories meant nothing

I guess it wasn’t supposed to pain me how you overlooked me

I guess it’s my fault

I guess this is what happens when you’re too kind

I guess I believe in the deceiver

I guess I’ll just play dead

Whatever to make you feel alive

I guess I’ll go with a photo from a happier time

I guess this could work to my advantage

I guess I’ll let you think you’re the prize

Truth is you don’t deserve a proper goodbye

But time my friend will slap you in the face for me

This I promise…


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