Yours truly.


I laid in bed

I prayed to god

To keep you safe

I reflected on the day

There’s a lump in my throat

A pain in my chest

My eyes puffy and soar

I haven’t ate since Saturday morning

I haven’t slept since Friday night

Saw my reflection in the mirror

I could no longer do this to myself

We shared a bond or so I thought

I was ride or die for you always

I would’ve put my life on the line for you

Gave up a life for you…

How was it so easy for you to hurt me?

Time and time again

Push me aside

Tell me lies

Give me false promises

I no longer believe

If by chance, I don’t make it

I hope he welcomes me into heaven

I’ve been dead to you, for a while

Your demons win every battle

Though you may never admit it to yourself, when our bodies met, something beyond our control happened.

Something you couldn’t understand.

Something you fought to destroy.

They say if you truly love someone, to let them go.

So I’m letting you go.

I hope you find your wings.

I surrender.

You win.


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