The Catch.


A crowded room

A drink or two

Around here they call us regulars

We’re dancing close

We’re in amazement

The room is spinning

The people are a blur

Their eyes all on us

Tunnel vision

All I see is you

Who is this man?

Where did he come from?

He just turned all my failures into victories

He kissed these red lips

He turned me into a fan girl

He kissed my sweet spot

He left me speechless

He whispered in my ear over and over how beautiful I was to him

He lets me know I’m amazing and I believe him

If love at first sight had a look

Your gaze upon me would be it

You see me.

Who is this girl?

She’s smiling big

She’s laughing hard

Unaware of walls

Not afraid to fall

And he’s waiting to catch me

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