I know what you’re thinking

But your arrogance is out of style

This is not about you

No it’s not about the other day

Trying to get ready for him

Closet full of freakum dresses

Each one has it’s own story about us

No, this is not about you

Not about the way you touched my skin

The way you kissed my lips

Or about how I swerved these hips around for you

Left the these memories imprinted on my flesh , like genetics

Or how I’m your Monday-Friday, 9-5 friend

Checking in via text, but we both know that’s where it ends

I promise this isn’t about you

I promise I’m over you

But fuck you and this pain you inflicted on me

I forgave, but I can’t seem to forget

I gave you courtesy

All you did was tell lies

You never acknowledged that I didn’t deserve the hurt you caused

My greatness

Or that you didn’t deserve me

You never questioned how I survived

You just took me for granted

Silenced my cries

You wanted something new

Turned me into someone new

I swear this isn’t about you

This is about me.

Don’t take it personal.

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