Solar plexus


I keep asking for inspiration

The night keeps whispering

I keep hearing your name

I keep seeing your face

You’re so overrated

This is so lame

When it was all said and done

I’m glad you slept on me

That I never shared hugs

That you never got the best of me

Hell they were never even half of me

I forgot what you felt like

I forgot what you smelled like

I have nothing to reminisce about

I guess I can’t relate with the old me

I guess that’s a good thing

I wonder if you know…

You helped build me

Gave me creative direction

That the shape of me

Lies somewhere inside of you

Gave myself time

God provided a sight

Still loved to see you smile

I guess that’s why I can still laugh and ride with you

Still vibe with you

Call it divine timing

An eye for an eye

But we used our third eye

Wait, I think you introduced me to the best of me

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