The writings on my skin.

Lost in thought

It crossed my mind

What if…

Just what if… my body could talk to me

What would the cells of my flesh reveal to me

These tender breast would they be screaming…STIMULATION! STIMULATION!

Pressed against skin

Body party

She’d let the sensual tension be known

It’s been sometime

I had her fasting

The taste of pleasure

So exquisite like herself

No, I’m not punishing her

I just know what’s best for us

These lips they utter words all the time

A kiss she whispers would shut her up

They’re starving for attention

These wide hips reveal their anger

They’ve been under pressure

Picture perfect

In the mirror my eyes begin to critic them first

My curves they feel the most loved

I caress them the most

Gaze upon them with lust

These shoulders they hint at desire

My hands and my feet grow tired

Day to day

Wear and tear

Yet and still we continue to dance on

The womb I carried children in remind me of my strength

These eyes that used to cry

They look upon me with love

They reveal a face gesture so uncommon

The introvert she smiles for no reason at all

My hair craves a conversation with the wind

The wind she’s the only one who can speak to my soul

My mind learned how to let thought go

My heart learned how to just flow

In silence we ran for our lives

But this wasn’t a race

I left my ego behind

I follow her voice

It leads me to my intuition

Shoulder to shoulder

Desire strikes

underneath the stars

I let the stillness bring me to me

It penetrates me with fulfillment

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