No , I’m not for weak

A bleak painting in despair 

Like an antique 

My worth grows larger by the day

No, I’m not for the dazed 

I’m a muse 

Not to be confused 

I’m done with these walls

Being idle 

Frozen at the heart

In between goodbye and hello

My feelings were a no show

In the middle of goodnight and good morning

I felt this warning

This time around 

I won’t make a sound

This time..

Like a bad star

I won’t fall down

I won’t burn down to the ground

Last time I said, there wouldn’t be a next time

This time, we can bet

Regret gets exhausting

Pinned up against the wall

Divine art

Details on my skin

A journey to be traveled 

Lets get away

Ocean dreams 

Ultralight beam vibes

The unveiling of a goddess 

Do you recognize, the you in me?


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