He say, she say.

He said “breathe in your favorite color”

With a few inhales I was high up

At times when he could barely lift himself

He said “let it out”

In this safe place

I could cry me a river

In this space

He would never judge me

Only console me

Only hug me

He says again “breathe in your favorite color”

And now I’m full of divine powers

He utters “let’s create together”

I respond “create what?”

He replies “art”

If I say yes to him

Where does that leave you?

Who am I kidding

He’s the better man

We were both at fall risk

Desperately holding onto one another

If I say yes to him

Who am I kidding

I’ll only end up leaving him too

My goddess powers would leave him crippled

Thirsty for more

A drought with no quench in sight

My pros they outweigh my cons

Who am I?

Who am I?

This Rose

A better version of you

A hybrid of us

A flight risk to us both


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