Human nature.

I found my safe haven

A crawl space within

When it came down to it

It seemed I was being punished by you

For my reaction, to your actions

Left a alone with self reflection

While you’re astray

Like I haven’t already dealt a loss

Like I haven’t already felt enough

Old triggers brought us here

It all seemed unfair to me

But I’m no victim

A fixed reality

I sat with my anger

She revealed her name was grief

Led on by my ego

She played the blame game

Afraid of my flames

Emotions spread like wild fires

I just needed air

I just wanted laughs

Somethings we can’t explain

I’ll take one for the team

I’ll take the blame

Tame the girl

Running wild in the city

Tame the man

Running wild in his head

Forget the rage

Light this sage

Look ahead

Look beneath

I come in peace

Feel the breeze

The calm after the storm

I’d walk miles to get to you

Just to kindly offer you a smile…


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