Comfort inn


You were like the summer blaze

You brought the heat

Hotter than summer time Chi

You kept me in a daze

Unfazed by the now

I wanted to bow down to thee

Long before he saw himself

I recognized the king in you

You felt like 90’s R&B

Whispers in the dark

You made your mark on me

Planting kiss after kiss

I pleaded for more

Blossomed all around you

You were like the fall brisk

I would risk my life for yours

Soul search galaxies

To feel your ecstasy

Helplessly I submit to your command

The sands of time

Worth the climb

You were like the winter chill

The coolest in book

I was shook by the way you handled me

I had tunnel vision

I searched high and low

All it took was one look from you

You were like the spring breeze

You brought on the ease

A sense of peace

I took a plea with my emotions

Stopped the commotion in my head

There’s a smell in the air

I took one to the heart

I dared to be your art

Home away from home

You’re my nostalgia


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