Rightfully I wanted what was mine
The time I blessed you with
The long nights we spent on a whim
The laughs we filled silence with
What you stole from within me
The highs and the lows
Every single item, gifts from my old self
The chair from which you directed my disparity
The coffee cups, the times we sipped
The sweet birthday cakes
The balloons and remedy to cure the sick
The timeline I created, from my frame to the shirt on your flesh
I no longer believe.
The roses I had delivered
At your request on demand
I was there.
I want back what’s mine
I want to unwrite every word, take back my poetry
I want to undo every piece of art, strip every canvas of its colors
Undo every picture I sent to you, every angle I pleased you with
I wanted to undo pillow talk, our voices filling the room
Take back every kiss, take back every touch
Undo every moan, Un-cry every tear
Undo every lie you gave to me
Words you pained me with
I wanted to kill every evidence
Forget your existence
Leave no traces of your scent
No descending emotions
Spiral of commotions inside of my head
Rewind the years
Erase you from my path
But then it occurred to me…
You’re an empty man, on a quest to fill yourself up
You needed every single thing you robbed me of
And so at last…
I arrived at this place
This woman I dreamed of
Derived from soul
Birthed from my best
Higher than ever
More electrifying and beautiful then anyone you would ever come across
I wanted nothing but her
She fills me up with love and light
Keeps me high on divine powers
So lucky to have found me
I’m pleased to be her

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