You hold me near and dear

All my fears disappear

Sweet visions realized

I gaze at you in amazement

To be in this time and space

Alignment at its best

Aura to aura

We meshed so well

You say you watch me in my sleep

A manifestation of my dreams

A king fit for this queen

I feel your skin next to mine

A deep lust that intertwines

But there’s more to us

You fill my days with laughter

Caress parts of me I’ve never known

I breathe a sigh of relief

Somethings in the air

God made no mistake

Heard my prayers

Loud and clear

Beyond my flesh

Outside of these sheets

You make love to my soul

You don’t lack empathy

Your presence so heavenly

You put me on a pedestal

Water all my pedals

Watch me grow in awe

You’re critically acclaimed

It’s no surprise

So I let you dictate

From the views of my throne you could do no wrong

Late at night I sing you love songs

My heart beams

How did you get here?

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