Picture perfect

My feelings and words won’t match up

I’m searching deep within

Trying to add them up

It’s like my tongue knows a secret, I don’t

I want to share a story about this girl

A rose that grew out of concrete

She sleeps alone at night

In between the sheets

She’s caressed with joy

Cuddled by peace

Happiness resides in her heart

A girl who used to use sex as a weapon

A woman who now uses abstinence as empowerment

I used to play it safe

Build walls to stay strong

Now I’m soft like my silky skin

Sweet like my scent

I used to be the girl afraid to let go

Unaware I was disturbing the flow

The miseducation of my ego

The miscommunication with my being and my soul

I used to be the girl who walked in shame

Now I walk in grace

I guess I found my voice

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