A fall from grace

I tried to keep it simple

I said “small intro”

I believed you called it “fun and go”

But you were too enticed

You objected.

The kinda crazy I needed

Said “you didn’t think you could feel something’s twice”

You had an “incentive to discover my sweet side”

Said “you were picking up what I was putting down”

At first I was confused

Could have sworn I prayed for you

Thought I was your muse

Never realized you didn’t see a single plan through

You took an oath

but you never spoke your truth

Still I fell for you

The only thing I’m guilty of.

You studied me like I was on trial

You forgot to experience me

Question after question

You forgot I was poetry in motion

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Well if you asked my mother she would say Rosa is smart, funny, self motivated, beautiful and that I should model (really she said that). She's not to off but I'd like to add an exhausted mother, who wakes up every morning ready to roll and conquer this thing called life.

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