Jaded a time or two

I admit I was faded

Intoxicated by lust

From dawn to dusk

Because being loved, was never a must

I pushed, I shoved

Lauryn said “it could all be so simple”

But it left me feeling crippled

I dwindled upon a woman

She made me a promise

It was all so ironic

To me loving was chronic

I couldn’t stomach the thought

Intentions turned into plots

Scheming from the beginning

I had all these domestic abilities

Feening for a fix

Trying to find tranquility

But there was no will in me

It was all for the cheap thrill

I wasn’t playing for keeps

Betraying my intuition

But I have this fucking ambition

Plucking away all these conditions

Have you ever seen a goddess on her knees?

Praying to god, I’m no tease

He tells me I’m not so tough

He warns me not to stay consistent

I laugh at him

He smiles at me

Like he studied me

Like he knows something I don’t

Foreseeing the future

I let him be naive

I let him perceive what he wants

In the end

He only knows

What I let him see

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