Sweet love


I know it’s been a while

I’m learning how to write again

This unfamiliar smile

Sweet joy…

Miles turned into time

Trials turned into dust

Past and present merge

Sweet Romance…

Pen to paper magic coexisting

I sat with my words for months

They held me poetically hostage

I let them form random sentences

Some threw tantrums

Others defended me

As I mended what was left

I let some indulge me with passion

Laid with the night sky

Devoted to the moon

Night after night

Sweet loyalty

She whispered in the dark

These stories were of love

A language I couldn’t articulate

But soon began to lust over

Sweet intimacy…

These words became my obsession

I knew I had to speak them

With every kiss you planted on my soft lips, I released them

Your tongue writes in cursive

All over my skin

I have faith in the dried ink

Creatively I desire you

Effortlessly you take me to the climax

Sweet tenderness

I trust in your direction.

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