My dear Melancholy

My dear Melancholy

Did you let your ego win

Or did it get you down on two knees

Am I too late to the party

Or are you totally consumed

I know you watch me from a distance

Hoped that things could’ve been different

Bitterness in your delivery

A slippery slope

Polished intuition

Up ahead a premonition

Did you receive the flowers that I sent

Have my words reached your heart

Did you find salvation in my art

Have you bloomed from my wounds

Or am I too late once again

Did the seeds that once made me

Bleed help you believe

Or did you turn to a bottle

Pour the poison in your body and hope for a better tomorrow

Did you come to your senses

Or did it make you dense

How many bodies did you trade me for

Shame me for…

Just to escape yourself

And play the blame game

You said karma wasn’t real

Like you didn’t leave me to mourn in the aftermath of your mess

But I’ve made amends

My dear melancholy

You no longer reside here

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