Writers block

I sat with the gods

they’re armed and guarded

I sat with self

Soul complex

I vexed you with my lips

hips that guided your hands

We searched for words

found them holding down the weight of your heart

a thirst to quench

the stench of ego

all you left behind

we painted on empty canvases

reacquainted with faded memories

Played them back like reruns

A script no longer fitting

translated projections

created a new language

packed up all your baggage

I begged you to let me be

You had a hold on me

you wouldn’t leave me

Toxicity at the knees

Thick in the thighs

back to back mating

sexing like you loved me

sexting like I was the one

sick in the head

abort contract

your essence misrepresented

your presence lost in the future

harassed by your past

I admit I was blinded

thought you’d be proud

my sun is loud

my glow endowed

I’m sitting with the gods

I’m sitting next to myself

we reside on the clouds

where we’re loud and proud

thank you for your distance

for ignoring my existence

it brought me peace and clarity

gave me a head start

helped me reach my star

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Well if you asked my mother she would say Rosa is smart, funny, self motivated, beautiful and that I should model (really she said that). She's not to off but I'd like to add an exhausted mother, who wakes up every morning ready to roll and conquer this thing called life.

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