Did the lonesome trail bring you here

or did the troublesome thoughts light your way to me

Have my words taught you a thing or two

or did you come here to paint me blue

Are you here to remenise

or has the fantasy of who I’ve become begin to haunt you

Do you come here to watch my heavenly pose

To see the legacy you left behind

Did it give you morning glory

Did it heal your mourning

Did it give you feels

Are you a fly on the wall

Are your eyes on my thighs

Are you up in the sky

or are you struggling with goodbyes

Are you reading between the lines

Have you made yourself the lead in my poetry

or am I a fiction of your imagination

Did you come here to understand me more

or Did you come here to understand yourself

Did I trigger your senses

and what are they saying to you

Did you come this far to see me

or did I never leave you…

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