She screams at me in agony 

Reaches out her hand for me

And I let her fall on her face 

I had to…

She would later understand

Laid facedown on the cold ground

All I could do was stare 

I couldn’t help her up

48hours we stood in this room

Cursed my name

I was in her corner 

But she saw me as the enemy  

Looked in the mirror 

Pounded her chest 

To see what hurt more 

Her fist or the pain 

I never took my eyes off of her

I simply waited 

Tantrum after tantrum 

Hour after hour 

For a little while 

She took to a corner 

Rocked back and forward 

Started to worry me 

It was little past 6am

When she wiped the tears 

Looked over at me 

I knew she was ready

Walk toward me 

took my hand 

We never spoke a word

We never looked back 


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