I remember your words

You said there was a “missing link between us”

A link that went missing suddenly

Two years down the drain

Dressed in your disguise

You said goodbye

All I could do was cry

I used to picture you with her

As your lies were revealed

I wanted to be in her place

I used to be jealous

But you see, I got a new thing going

And I keep comparing him to you

He does all these things you wouldn’t do

He’s tells me that I’m beautiful

He reminds me that I’m amazing

He holds doors open

He pulls out chairs

He brings flowers

He holds me close to him

He makes me smile

And when he’s not around

He makes sure that I Glow

The best part is his patience with me

He understands that I’ve been hurt by you

He’s willing to take it slow for me

He’s putting in the time

Your new girl, she doesn’t get any of that

Neither will the new girl after her

I know their future

The missing link was intimacy

Your fear got the best of you

And it wasn’t that you couldn’t see me

I was wrong all along

It was that I couldn’t see you

You knew my worth all along

You knew it went beyond your bed

You knew it went beyond your four walls

You knew it was beyond you

It was easy for you to settle for less

But I’m glad you stuck around, long after I stopped knocking on your back door

You get a first roll seat, to your biggest regret

You made your bed without me

You can have sex with anybody, you’ve got in you…

But you can’t make ART, without the ARTIST.

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