They say her presence is overwhelming

That her energy takes up too much space in the room

Her heart is on fire

Everyone she loves burns down to their core

She is not for the weak

She rides the wave like a G

Ask what’s his name…

I can feed your urges

Splurge on your mind

Recreate you

Have you seeing the best version of you

Creator to creator

Can we collab?

No blind dates

Can you feed my mental?

Can you stimulate my creativity?

Can you awaken my spiritual senses more?

She walks with a heavy foot

Can you worship every grounded step she takes?

She walks without fear

She speaks from the knowing

She bares her skin

A goddess in the flesh

She stands tall

Self reliant

To strong to ever fall

I found the woman of my dreams….

Maybe one day, I’ll let you meet her.

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