He said “this is some sex and the city type shit”

I replied “it’s getting late, I’ll walk you to the door”

He was invading my space

My curves had him in a daze

He said “ I stole all the attention, but never paid any”

I got mine, I hope he got his.

Did I become the man that hurt me?

Of course not.

I caught him off guard

He caught me at the wrong time

When I look in the mirror

I don’t recognize her

Still I love her

Her softness, made me powerful

Her resilience, made me stronger

Her smile, made me more curious about her

Her creativity, made me magic.

I’ve pondered with words for days


What an illusion.

Still nothing’s the same.

I and me we stopped having deep conversations

My silence spoke a million words

I hope that you heard them loud and clear

I can either destroy you, or make your wildest dreams come true.

You choose.

But after me, who?

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