I toss and I turn

Seduction whispers your name

Ghost in the dark

Thieves in the night

I pray you take me away

Bring ease to my body

Lust is written all over my skin

Depriving these curves…

Neglecting your mind, body, and soul

You can trust me with your heart

You can trust me with your demons

You can trust that I need my space

There’s depth here…

Beyond what we both know

I have a confession

I get needy

I get moody

When I want your attention

When I need your affection

These violent fires

Desires burning through me

The smoke is heavy

You can’t see clear

Up in the Cloud’s

The fog doesn’t help

I never wanted to be your everything

Only for the time being

In that moment

I wanted us to coexist

We both know

I’m not like the others

Still I remained forgotten

A goddess untouched

A scent of sex lingered around us

Pleasure haunted me

Where were you?

When all I wanted was to feel like a woman…


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